Team coaching

Teams produce results that individuals simply can’t produce alone. This shift from leadership belonging to one heroic leader to distributed leadership is not that new, and yet this changing nature of leadership is still not widespread.

Teams have the potential to be the most powerful drivers of success in organisations

The Management Team have adopted good habits and despite a very difficult year have resisted the temptation to fall back into habitual patterns.

Main Board Director, European organisation, France

Highly performing teams

Bluespace helps your teams become great teams, highly performing and responsive, collaborative, motivated and sustainable. It will require unlearning some behaviours and the discipline to practise new ones.

We help you to achieve your full potential

  • How

    We design team or group interventions aligned to your organisation’s needs and challenges. We partner with you to propose bespoke solutions aligned to your strategy and objectives and placed in the broader context of your stakeholders’ needs.

    The team can also benefit from real-time feedback where the coach attends one or several scheduled team meetings.

  • For what results ?

    The Team will become aware of how team members interact with each other, how they make decisions and solve conflicts, what derails them and gets in the way of becoming a high performing team. The team will identify what habits to un-learn and which healthy habits to adopt. Outcomes will include greater trust within the team, proven to be a key factor for high performance, as well as new practices to develop a culture of shared accountability.

    Other outcomes include increased engagement, increased productivity, higher effectiveness and innovation.

  • Who can benefit ?

    If you want to break cross-border or cross-function silos, help build a common purpose and vision.

    If you want to understand what is getting in the way of a happier, more successful climate.

  • Authorised facilitators

    Authorised Facilitators of a suite of Team Diagnostics products designed to increase team performance substantially.

“Now the Team has clear and understood roles. We have moved towards mutual accountability and teamwork. Relationships have obviously developed to the degree that immediate feedback can be given without offence being taken.”

FTSE100, senior team, UK

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